20 Reasons to Thank Your First Best Friend

20 Reasons to Thank Your First Best Friend

There's just something about your childhood BFF. Even though your lives might have travelled in different directions, you will always share a special bond. No matter how far away you live, or how different you are today, you will always share a unique connection. Here are 20 reasons you should thank your first best friend.

1. They were there to help you master that one hair trend that now seems insane.

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2. They didn’t get mad when you woke them up in the middle of the night during a sleepover because you were scared.

3. They always shared their snacks when your lunch wasn’t cutting it. Because true friendship= sharing dunkaroos.

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4. They supported your earliest career dreams. And even if you don’t have your own Disney channel show yet, you still love them for it.

5. They were always your partner in ANY group project.

6. They made sure to pick you for their team in gym.

7. They kept you entertained during the most boring classes.

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8. They agreed which boys were crush-material. And they played along when you imagined which one you would marry.

9. They didn’t laugh that time you tripped and fell in front of the whole cafeteria.

10. They gave you the opportunity to enjoy MANY best friend-themed accessories.

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11. They always took your side when you got in a fight with your little brother.

12. They were ALWAYS ready to coordinate outfits for twin day.

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13. They didn’t tell anyone that you still slept with your special blanket.

14. They would stay up all night with you, even when your Mom said it was time to stop talking and turn out the light.

15. They would always share their awesome school supplies. Because a notebook without gel pens was just unthinkable.

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16. They could make you laugh until you were both in tears.

17. They made sure you never had to eat lunch alone.

18. They were always ready to go ask that cute guy whether or not he liked you. (Obviously you couldn’t talk to him yourself!)

19. They were always ready to try any after-school activity you wanted to join. Hence those 3 months of gymnastics.

20. They knew you at the most awkward time of your life—and they loved you anyway.

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