10 Crazy Things to Do While Traveling That Should Be Added to Your Bucket List

10 Crazy Things to Do While Traveling That Should Be Added to Your Bucket List
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Traveling can be so exciting because you are in a new place with new surroundings. Most of the time your vacations consist of relaxing and catching up on much needed sleep. But ever have you ever wanted to do something absolutely wild but needed a little inspo first? Don't worry below are ten crazy things you can do around the world that anyone would be jealous of!


Seriously one of the coolest things to do these days! Zip-lines are popping up everywhere around the world. From castles in Europe to forests in South America, you are definitely going to find one of these awesome rides! Great panoramic views and the thrill of the ride are a vacay must!

Fish Pedicure

Cleaner fish are one of the coolest fish in the world! These are the tiny fish responsible for the sucking and tickling of your toes when you do a fish pedicure. Try one of these and get beautiful feet freshly cleaned by cleaner fish!


Who doesn't love breathtaking views? By paragliding you will definitely get those and of course you'll finally experience the feeling of flying!

Bungee Jumping

For those thrill seekers out there, this one is for you! Bungie jumping is awesome to do not only for the jump, but for the beautiful hikes you take to get to the jump point.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding gives you the ability to see amazing places like National Parks or the country. Horses can travel much further than us and you can focus on taking awesome pictures!

Giant Swing

Welcome to the adult playground! Swings like this are all over the world and let you be a kid again, but in a much more thrilling way!

Cliff Jumping

If you are by a large body of water, definitely try cliff jumping! This terrifying event will not only give you awesome stories to tell when you get back, but you also will have a heart racing experience that you will never forget! Just be careful and don't jump any place that hasn't been pre-tested and reviewed by other jumpers.


The ocean is ever changing and no matter how many times you have snorkeled, the experience will never be the same! If you are an explorer at heart, go snorkeling!

Sky Diving

Free falling from high up in the sky, sky diving is the ultimate crazy thing to do on vacation!

Hang Out With Elephants

For those animal lovers out there, you can actually spend time with elephants in many places in Asia! By far one of the coolest things to add to any bucket list!