12 Magical 'Harry Potter' Tattoos To Fall In Love With

12 Magical 'Harry Potter' Tattoos To Fall In Love With

Getting a tattoo of something takes a lot of commitment and I praise anyone who goes through with it because as someone with 18 herself, I love seeing what other people love so much that they'd want it forever on their skin. Now love is a freaking understatement when it comes to Harry Potter fans. They do not merely love the books and movies, they are downright obsessed. Many of them started reading as kids, so when they got old enough it was no surprise that there was a sea of Potter-inspired ink popping up around the world. From meaningful lines to characters to the simplistic mark that only a true fan would recognize on another Potterhead, these are some of the most magical Harry Potter tattoos out there.

Space Hoo Hoo

This would be considered a gorgeous tattoo even if it had nothing to do with anything. From the detail on the owl's face to the spacey center, *swoon.*


Not every tattoo has to be this larger than life piece. This one proves just that as it delivers a cute outline of the school every kid wanted to be a part of.

Double Trouble

This fan is loud and proud about their love of not only Harry Potter as you can tell by the wand on one leg, but the other side is sporting a lightsaber from Star Wars.

“Anything, sir.”

With a face only a mother, or a huge fan could love, Dobby is like the adorable heart of the series.

Watercoloring Wizard

Watercolor tattoos have become more popular in recent years and this person jumped on that trend but added their own spin with the Deathly Hallows symbol and the focal point.

Go Sports!

The smallest ball in the game of Quidditch, The Golden Snitch is for both a jock and a nerd when you think about it.


You can never go wrong with some simplistic symbolism. Here you have the unmistakable Harry Potter rims and the bolt from his head.

A as in Always

Aside from the magic, the owl and the cloaks there was a love story at the depths between Snape and Harry's mother that some fans, such as this, attached themselves to fully. RIP Alan Rickman, RIP.


Yes, this is a thing and yes, it's amazing. How cute is this Harry Potter/My Little Pony mashup?

Page Turner

Sometimes it's the littlest things that can remind us of the things we love. Here it's the three tiny marks found within the pages we're sure this fan has read a million times.

Them Digits

Small yet so telling. Any Potter fan would see this hand and know they'd found a new friend.

So Quotable

With that many books in the series, plus the movies - it'd be hard not to want to get every favorite line inked on you forever. Thankfully she kept it to a minimum and got a stellar one!